5 Proven Strategies to Revive Your Email List and Get More Engagement

You know that email marketing is a powerful tool for reaching your audience and driving sales. But what happens when your email list starts to stagnate? When it feels like it has become a ghost town.

Well, it’s time to revive your email list and get more engagement from your subscribers. Here are five proven strategies to resurrect your email list and bring it back to life.

Five strategies to revive your email list

1. Segment Your Email List

One of the best ways to increase engagement is to segment your email list. This means dividing your list into smaller groups based on specific criteria, such as 

  • interests, 
  • demographics, or 
  • behaviour. 

By doing this, you can send more relevant and personalised emails to each group, which will increase engagement and improve your open rates. 

For example, if you own a fitness business, you could segment your list into groups based on workout preferences, such as yoga, weightlifting, or cardio.

Flodesk, my go-to email marketing platform, analysed 2023 email marketing data to uncover benchmark metrics and insights. In an analysis of over 6.8 billion emails, they found that sending segmented emails significantly impacts your engagement rate—generating about 3x higher open rates and 25x higher click rates.

“We also found that segmented emails are significantly more likely to be opened and engaged with than unsegmented emails.”

Source: Flodesk—Small Business Marketing Trends Report 2024

Do yourself a favour and forget about sending your emails to “All subscribers” all the time.

2. Create Valuable Content 

Let’s be real. We’d rather watch paint dry than read another boring, salesy email. Am I right, or am I right? To keep your subscribers engaged, you need to provide them with valuable content that they actually want to read. 

This could include tips, how-to guides, case studies, or entertaining stories. The key is to provide value that aligns with your audience’s interests. 

If you run a family photography business, your email content could include

  • tips for capturing the perfect family portrait,
  • ideas for fun and creative family photo shoots, and
  • advice on how to prepare your family for a photo session.

You can also use images and videos to showcase your portfolio and give subscribers a sense of your style and approach to family photography. Including testimonials from satisfied clients can also be a great way to build trust and demonstrate the value you provide to families who choose to work with you.

3. Use Eye-Catching Subject Lines

Your subject line is the first thing your subscribers will see in their inbox, so it needs to be attention-grabbing. Use humour, curiosity, or urgency to entice your subscribers to open your email. Experiment with emojis, and remember always to write a preview text.

Learn more about How to Write Subject Lines That Stand Out and Get Your Emails Opened here.

4. Encourage Two-Way Communication

Don’t make the mistake of treating your email list like a one-way street. Encourage your subscribers to reply to your emails with questions, comments, or feedback. This will help you build a relationship with your audience and increase engagement. 

If you’re a personal trainer, you could send an email to your clients asking them to reply with their favourite type of workout or exercise routine and then use that information to tailor their workouts to their preferences.

This will not only help you build a stronger relationship with your clients, but it will also give you insight into what they like and what they don’t like about your services. You could even use this information to create personalised workout plans for each client.

Remember, communication is key in any business relationship, and encouraging two-way communication with your clients is a great way to ensure that you’re meeting their needs and expectations.

5. Include a Clear Call to Action

Every email you send should have a clear call to action (CTA). This could be anything from “Buy Now” to “Read More” to “Share with a Friend.” Make sure your CTA is prominent and easy to find and that it aligns with the goal of your email. 

Follow these simple guidelines when working on your CTAs:

  • Use verbs that encourage action, such as “get,” “download,” “register,” “subscribe,” etc.
  • Avoid using long sentences or technical jargon that can confuse the reader.
  • Place it strategically above the fold (the top half of the email that is visible without scrolling)
  • Create a sense of urgency using phrases like “Limited Time Offer” or “Only a Few Left.” 
  • Experiment with different CTAs to see which ones generate the most clicks.
  • Offer a reward or incentive for clicking your CTA, such as a discount or a free trial. 


Reviving your email list takes time and effort, but these strategies can help you get more engagement from your subscribers and drive sales for your business. 

Use this simple checklist as a reminder as you start working on your email marketing strategy:

  • Have you segmented your email list?
  • Is your content valuable and relevant to your audience?
  • Are your subject lines attention-grabbing?
  • Do you encourage two-way communication with your subscribers?
  • Does every email have a clear call to action?

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