How to copy an email from a workflow to use as an email blast in Flodesk?

Did you create the perfect email in a Flodesk workflow? Are you now panicking as you can’t find how to copy it from the workflow and use it as a newsletter email?

It’s not you! It’s because you can’t ‘copy‘ it.

What you need to do instead is saving it as a favourite template. You can then use it again—whether you’re working on a newsletter email or on your next workflow.

How to save a workflow email in Flodesk as a template?

Follow these three steps to save a workflow email in Flodesk as a template.

I assume you already have a Flodesk account. If not yet, check out my earlier post on how to sign up for Flodesk and create your account.

  1. Locate the workflow

    If your workflow is still a draft only, hover over the workflow’s card on your dashboard, and click on Edit.

    If your Flodesk Workflow was already published, you need to pause it first so that you can access the workflow steps in edit mode. 

    Everyone will be frozen in the workflow where they are, and once you republish it, they will continue from where they left off. Also, new joiners will be added to the workflow as soon as you resume it, as explained in the Flodesk Help Center.

  2. Find the email in the workflow

    Once you’re in the workflow in edit mode, locate the Email step. Click on it once so that it’s selected, and then, on the right sidebar, click on Edit on the email card. 

    This opens the workflow email in edit mode. Don’t worry. We won’t edit the email. But you need to access it in edit mode.

  3. Save the email as a favourite template

    In the Email Builder, click on the heart icon in the top left corner, and follow the prompts. This saves the email to the email template gallery as one of your favourites.

    Unless you want to edit anything else in the workflow, leave the workflow email by clicking on the ‘< Back‘ link (top left corner). 

    Republish the workflow if it was an Active one! Or click on the Flodesk logo to move back to the Workflow dashboard.

With this, the first part is done. You saved the workflow email as a favourite template.

Where to find your saved favourite templates in Flodesk?

You can access the email template gallery by clicking on the create +New email button on the Emails dashboard. On the next screen, it shows all the available system-default Flodesk templates and also yours! 

They’re under the second link on the left called—what else?—My favorites.

Click on the email card to view details, then select customize and voila! You have it!

The email is ready to be sent as an email blast or newsletter. You just need to write a subject line, a preview text, and select the recipients!

Pro tip: you can access your saved favorites also in a workflow. When you add an email step to the workflow, choose the option ‘Create new email’ on the right sidebar.

If you have any questions about Flodesk or need assistance with setting it up for you, I’m always here to help. 

3 thoughts on “How to copy an email from a workflow to use as an email blast in Flodesk?”

    1. Hi Aubre,
      I’m so glad I could help speed up your email creation time. If there’s any additional email marketing or Flodesk related topic you’d like to see, just let me know.
      Happy emailing with Flodesk.
      Cheers, Petra

  1. You just saved me. This article was exactly what I needed, exactly when I needed it. I’ve run into an issue where I want to pause a workflo but then it won’t restart b/c it’s ‘past the date’ of it beginning (or something). Knowing I can reuse the emails in a fresh workflo or send them out as singletons is incredibly helpful. I can’t wait to explore more of your site!

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