How to make sure your Flodesk account is on-brand

One of the first things I recommend, after you have signed up to Flodesk, is to make sure that it’s on-brand. Why? Because it’s easy to do. And from then on, you’re all set when it comes to quickly accessing your brand colours or to pull in your Instagram feed to your emails.

If you don’t have a Flodesk account yet, then start with this blog post first where I walk you the steps on how to create your account. Then come back here.

Are you ready?
Then let’s jump in.

How to make your Flodesk account onbrand?

  1. Go to your Account settings > Brand preferences.

    You do that by clicking on your logo or avatar icon in the top right corner of the page.

  2. Upload your logo.

    Note, that you can upload only one logo file here. Suppose you want to show alternative logos in your email designs. In that case, the best is to add an individual Image block to the email. And upload them to this block directly.

  3. Enter your company/brand name and company website.

    This ensures that your logo file will link automatically to your website. And that your company/brand name gets displayed in the Unsubscribe message, should you select one with this option.

  4. Type in your company address.

    This is a legal requirement for any business doing email marketing. If you’re running an online business from your home and don’t want to disclose your location, consider using a PO box.

  5. Link your social media accounts.

    You can link the following social accounts in Flodesk at the moment.

  6. Connect your Instagram account.

    If you connect your Instagram account here, under the Brand preferences section, it will automatically pull in your last couple of posts from your IG feed to the email. But only, if you add a so-called Instagram block to your email.

  7. Load your brand colours.

    Flodesk lets you upload five brand colours based on their HEX codes. This way, you can access them directly while you’re editing an email. Use these colours for your buttons, text highlights, or image overlay colours.

What else can you do here to make your Flodesk account on-brand?

And now that you’re all set.
Go, explore and start creating some amazing emails!

If you have any specific questions about Flodesk, or how to do certain things on the platform, let me know in the comments. 

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