How to schedule your emails in Flodesk

In Flodesk, you can send out your newsletters—or email blasts—right away. Or you can schedule them for later. This comes in handy if you want to batch create your email content during a weekend and you want to spread these emails across several weeks or months.

But what does scheduling it for later mean? Especially if you’ve selected a segment as the recipient.

This is a question I get a lot, so let’s find out!

How to schedule your newsletter email in Flodesk?

First things first, create your email. You can start from scratch or pick one of the gorgeous templates and customize it.

Once you finished editing the email, all the text copy is proofread and spell-checked. All the images and layouts are designed to suit your goal with the email; hit Next on the top right corner.

This brings you to the Choose Audience step that includes the following sections:

  • Who’s this email coming from?
  • Write your subject line
  • Choose your recipients

Who’s this email coming from?

Basically, all you have to do is check and set the From name and the sending email address of your newsletter.

Write your subject line

The subject line and the preview text are the first things your subscribers see from your email. So take some time to write one that’s not clickbaity yet piques their interest and prompts them to click on your email to read more.

Choose your recipients

You can select here individual subscribers or segments. Most of the time, you’ll be sending your newsletters and email campaigns to segments.

To learn more about segmenting your email list, check out this earlier post: The best ways to segment your email list.

Although you have the option here to upload a CSV as the intended recipient group, I don’t recommend doing it. Because all uploaded CSVs go for list review first, as explained in the Flodesk Help Center:

“While your list is in review, you will not be able to send emails to this list. However, you will still have access to the rest of your Flodesk account and existing lists.”

Also, you can not only include recipients but also exclude them. Keep in mind, though, that excluded segments override included segments. So anyone who’s in the excluded segment won’t get this email!

After you picked your intended recipients, you can go to the next screen to schedule the email.

When should we send this email?

You can either send it Now or Later.

In this case, first, select the date and then for the time of day, Flodesk has some suggested times. But you can go for a different time of day as well.

Save your selection and if you’re ready to roll, click that Schedule button!

Frequently asked questions

If I schedule an email and then someone joins the segment I am sending to: does it automatically add those people to that scheduled email? Or do I need to edit it to update the audience?

When you schedule an email, Flodesk considers that subscribers may join the recipient segment until the actual time of the email send. Therefore, anyone in the segment at the moment the email is about to go out (and not when it was scheduled!) will get the email. So there’s no need to update the audience segment.

Can I personalize the subject line with my recipient’s name?

Yes, you can! Just like you would do it in your email body in a text block, place your cursor and click where you want to add the personalization and type the @ sign.
Then pick the First name and consider adding a suitable fallback value.
You can read about it in detail in the Flodesk Help Center.

If I changed my mind, how can I unschedule the email?

On your Email’s dashboard, hover over the scheduled email’s card, click the 3 dots and select ‘Unschedule’. It will move your email back to a Draft email status.

Do you have any questions about Flodesk or need assistance with setting it up for you? I’m always here to help.

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