Workflows and segments.

Trigger and conditions.

Domain authentication and header codes.

Do you get the jitters just by hearing all that mumbo-jumbo?

Let me take off the burden of your shoulders and set up Flodesk ๐Ÿ๐จ๐ซ ๐ฒ๐จ๐ฎ.

What if someone did all the heavy lifting for you?

  • Setting up your Flodesk account.
  • Creating your freebie delivery workflows.
  • Adding the embed codes to your website.
  • Migrating over all your subscribers and segments from your old platform to Flodesk.

โ€œPetra was such a huge help to me. As a technologically challenged and unlucky person, I had been floundering with Flodesk for a while, not really understanding how best to use workflows and getting very confused in the process. I had sent out some emails that never were opened, tried to set up workflows that didnโ€™t work, and in trying to troubleshoot the problem, I further confused myself and got super frustrated. Petra was a lifesaver. She listened carefully to my complaints and identified what my issues were without me even having the words to figure out how to ask for help. She patiently went through the details of fixing my problem, and coached me on how to better set up my account and organize workflows and emails for my future plans in my business. I have now successfully built a workflow and sent out emails that arrived! Thank you, Petra!”
-Rosetta from Rosetta Grows

How to request a Flodesk setup
service from the
Flodesk Mavenโ€”aka little o(w)lโ€™ me?

All it takes is 5 easy steps.

Fill out a short inquiry form detailing all your needs and requirements for your Flodesk setup/migration project.

Give me your client details for billing & invoicing purposes, and so that I can prepare a proposal and quote based on your specific needs.

After you accept the proposal and quote, I will send the finalised service agreement to you via HelloSign to sign it electronically.

Pay the service fee either via international/SEPA bank transfer or via PayPal payment.

Upon service fee paid, I will book your project in my schedule and will complete the Flodesk setup/migration according to the signed service agreement.

So, what do you say?
Are you ready to get Flodesk set up for you?