Can I use Flodesk for free?

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A frequently asked question I get from online business owners is if you can use Flodesk for free.

The answer is yes and no.

Flodesk offers an initial 30-days free trial. No credit card is needed. To sign up, you just need an email address.

During this free trial period, you get access to everything on the platform.
So that you can see and test all the available features and make an informed decision afterwards if you want to remain on the platform as a paid subscriber.

Important: if you enter your billing information before your trial period ends, that will immediately move you to a paid plan! So wait until you’re asked to enter your billing details.

I know what you’re thinking now:

Why should I pay for an email marketing platform if there are free alternatives?

As you’re running an online business, you need to invest in the right tools to make it profitable. Typically, you get what you pay—or don’t pay—for. And email marketing platforms that have a forever free plan will come with certain limitations.

Then, as your email list grows or if you need more advanced features, sooner or later, you will be prompted to upgrade to their paid plan(s). Which can end up quite pricey.

Let’s take a look at some other email service providers:

  • Mailchimp pricing: If you want access to all features, it starts at $299/month.
  • Mailerlite pricing: Depending on how fast your list grows, you can end up paying $75+/month after a while.
  • ConvertKit pricing: For just 1000 subscribers, you pay $59/month on the Creator Pro plan. And already at 3000 subscribers, it goes up to $79/month.
  • ActiveCampaign pricing: Growing your email list to around 2500 subscribers will cost you $129/month on ActiveCampaign’s Professional plan.

So, how much is Flodesk a month?

At Flodesk, they like to keep it simple with an affordable flat fee. That means you’ll get unlimited emails, subscribers, forms, workflows and access to all features, forever.

All this for $38/month if you decide on the monthly payment plan. And if you commit to an annual payment, you’ll get an extra month free, making it $418/year.

But wait for it, as it gets even better!

You can sign up for the platform via an existing member’s referral link or discount code. And this gives you 50% off for the first year of your paid membership: making it only $19/month—or $209/year!

Use my referral link below to take advantage of this offer:
And if you’re prompted to enter a discount code, use ARRADESIGNSTUDIO

I already signed up for the free trial. How can I get the discounted price?

If you didn’t sign up for the free trial via a referral link, you could still grab the offer.

When your trial ends, and you’re prompted to enter your billing details—see next section—it will ask you if you ‘Got a code‘?

Click on that, and enter a referral code.

It’s always the last part of an affiliate link after the /c/. So taking my affiliate link above, the referral code itself is: ARRADESIGNSTUDIO

Just enter it here and you’ll be set up on the 50% off plan for your first year of membership.

What payment methods does Flodesk offer?

When making the first payment, you can either enter your card details or pay through PayPal. In this case, you need to connect your PayPal account first. A success message will display when it’s connected, but that doesn’t complete the payment just yet.

To finish paying, go back to the prior screen in Flodesk and click the Join now button.

I started on the monthly plan. Can I switch to annual billing?

Yes, of course.
You can switch from monthly payments to annual.
Or from annual payments to monthly at any time.

Just email the Flodesk team at and they will guide you through the steps.

If you have any additional questions about Flodesk or you need assistance with setting it up for you, send me an email and let’s chat.

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