Email marketing lessons you can learn from your dog

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Since bringing my two Beagle puppies home last November, many things have changed in my life. My days start earlier as I’m eager to get up in the morning to spend some time with the puppies before the day begins. Also, I’m spending more time outdoors than before. A welcome change.

Sharing my life with two new family members was also a learning curve and adjustment period. Some things came easy. Others, let’s just say it’s better to have a Plan B and often a Plan C when you have Luna and Daisy around.

Like with your pets, you have to be patient and strategic regarding your email marketing efforts.

Today, I brought you seven pawsome marketing tips you can learn from your doggo.
Cat people are welcome to read it too!

Seven pawsome email marketing strategies you can learn from your dog

1. Greet everybody with enthusiasm

My favourite thing is going out to my dogs first thing in the morning because Luna greets me like she hasn’t seen me for ages.

She jumps all over me. Licks my face and has a very cute and unique howl—reserved just for me and for this occasion in the morning when she first sees me that day.

While you don’t need to lick your subscriber’s faces, less alone howl at them, let every new subscriber on your list feel special. Make that first welcome email count.

Flodesk has some welcome email templates you can customise for your needs. 

2. Sniff out opportunities 

Beagles are scent hounds. If they catch a whiff of something which might be worth exploring, they follow that urge. No matter what. Nothing can hold them back. 

Email marketing is not an exact science. A lot comes down to trial and error and experimenting.
Don’t let your fear immobilise you. Be ready and willing to experiment with 

  • new content types, 
  • formats, and 
  • email send times. 

You may not get it right the first time, but try to enjoy the journey as much as a little puppy.

3. Loyalty is a virtue 

Dogs are incredibly loyal creatures. I think there’s no debate around that. And their loyalty must be rewarded.

Just as you give the best treats to your pets, give your best offers to your most loyal subscribers and customers:

  • Use your email analytics insights and add your most loyal and engaged subscribers to a dedicated segment.
  • Regularly send them exclusive VIP content and special offers.
  • If you run promotional periods in your business, open the doors for them earlier or give them an extra subscriber-VIPs-only discount.

4. Live in the moment 

Luna and Daisy take carpe diem seriously.

Nothing can stop them if they intend to chew on my garden furniture. If they smell something on the ground, I can be sure to have to cover up a massive hole in the garden within the next 10 minutes.

Dogs live in the moment. And don’t worry much about anything at all.

Follow their example and try not to worry about past email campaigns or stress about the future. Everyone makes mistakes.

There will be a day when you send out that email campaign with the wrong link or no working links (it just happened to me the other day). Do your best today and be ready to learn from your email stats.

5. Express gratitude

Having a dog in your family brings well-established routines into your life.

For me, it’s walking them around the nearby lake in the afternoons. Playing hide and seek in the early evenings and refilling their dish with fresh water several times a day—just to name a few.

And while maintaining your email list also comes with some routine tasks. Think about sending your weekly or bi-weekly email newsletter to your subscribers, regularly reviewing and updating your email sequences to optimise them. Always take time to appreciate what you already have: your existing subscribers and readers. 

Sending them a quick “Thank you for being on my list” email once in a while can go a long way.

Flodesk has a couple of lovely templates for this as well.

6. Keep your message short and simple

Dogs hate complicated commands. They’re hard to understand. Guess what? Your subscribers also hate complex and lengthy messages.

What is it I’m supposed to do? 
What is it they are even trying to get me to do? 

Keep your emails simple and up-to-the-point, and always lead them where you want them to go. 
This leads me to my last marketing tip.

7. Ask for what you want

As a first-time dog owner and happy over the moon that Luna and Daisy joined our family, I couldn’t stop talking to them all the time.

“Hey, honey, listen to mamma. Stop digging that hole. Yeah, I know it’s interesting but come over here. Here’s your ball, you see? Let’s play fetch….” 

Obviously, they didn’t respond well to that. Dogs need short, clear and consistent commands. 

But here’s the thing, your subscribers like that kind of clarity, too. 
In online marketing, you should always know what you want people to do at every step. 

When drafting your following email, have a clear goal in mind. And ask your subscribers to do one thing. This is called a “call to action”. 

Ask for only one thing because the more things you ask for, the more likely it is they’ll do nothing. 

Use visually emphasised hyperlinks and button links and take advantage of the gorgeous Layout blocks in Flodesk to drive your readers to take that next step. Be it to

  • click over to your blog,
  • listen to that new podcast episode,
  • buy that new bikini.

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