Prepare for Black Friday with these email marketing tips

You’re cordially invited to start preparing for this year’s Black Friday, taking place on Friday, 26 November 2021.

While it’s less than three months until then, but you still have plenty of time to think about your goals and set things into motion—without getting overwhelmed and exhausted.

Because who can afford that right before the holidays?

What do you need for a prosperous Black Friday?

  • Set a financial goal for your Black Friday campaign
  • Take note of what you have or need
    • Look at your current offerings and decide if you want to release a new product specifically for Black Friday or you want to repackage an existing one.
    • By the way, you can still hit your financial goals without discounting your services and products.
  • Create a profitable marketing plan on how you will promote your offers to your email list, website visitors and followers.

Also, the following simple email marketing strategies can help to boost your sales and stand out in the inbox.

Build and nurture your list

A few weeks before the big day, create a popup form targeting website visitors interested in your Black Friday deals, and add them to a dedicated segment.

You can create beautiful pop-up forms in Flodesk. Their latest addition—the popup card—will even look the same across desktop and mobile devices.

Flodesk popup card example

Pro tip: If you create an additional full-page form, you can also grab its URL and share it on your social media channels.

Then, as Black Friday gets nearer, you can send a thank-you note to those subscribers with an extra discount—or an early access email to your upcoming offers. The bottom line is, reward them with something special.

Experiment with your email schedule

Gazillions of online stores and businesses compete for prospects’ attention on Black Friday worldwide. It’s no surprise if most of us become numb during the shopping weekend after receiving the same type of marketing messages over and over again.

This year, try changing your timing, so your messages don’t get lost among the many offers.

How early or late should you be?

That’s up to you and your business. Take a look at how your last year’s holiday campaign performed and start from there. Also, remember to check your email reports in Flodesk to see when your subscribers tend to open your emails!

Is this the first time you’ll be running a Black Friday email campaign?

Don’t overthink it. Start somewhere. With a schedule and timing that you feel right and that you can commit to.

Take notes of how your campaign emails performed, and use this data for any future promotional campaigns. With time, you will have a good understanding of when it’s the best time to email your audience.

Learn how to schedule campaign emails in Flodesk here.

Surprise your subscribers

Surprises are exciting unless your in-laws come to visit you unexpectedly in the middle of your house renovation project. But that’s a story for another day.

Now, if you take a look at all the Black Friday emails you got last year, I bet that every other business killed the element of surprise by revealing their Black Friday discounts right in the subject line.

What you could do instead is create excitement. Like:

Hey [subscriber’s name], you’re getting a discount 🙌🏻

By not telling them the percent off, they need to open the email first and read it to realize it’s an awesome 35% off—as an example.

No discounts? No problem!

Almost every brand approaches Black Friday the same way: Discount your products, send a promotional email, and wait for the results.

But you don’t need to join the fray.

Instead of offering extreme discounts, you can show your subscribers and followers how you already provide unmatched value and serve them at the best price range.

Pro tip: if you’re in for a more radical change, you can let them know that you donate part of your Black Friday profits into a fund or charity—all for a good cause.

Create anticipation for your next campaign

Try teasing your next big shopping day when Black Friday ends if you want to make the most out of the holiday shopping season.

You can already start promoting Cyber Monday, foreshadow some upcoming special deals for Christmas or a local holiday and hint that a compelling offer is around the corner.

No matter what your next campaign is about, make sure to tease it after Black Friday, so you can convert the prospects who didn’t buy from you at this time.

Which one of these five email marketing strategies will you try this year?
Let me know in the comments.

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