How to create an inline form without an image in Flodesk that’s stacked?

A recent question I got from a fellow Flosie was as follows:

Question: Is there a way to make an inline signup form in Flodesk that doesn’t have an image in it? That’s stacked all the time, even on desktop?

My Answer: Yepp, there is! 🙌🏻

Let me show you how.

Creating a stacked inline form in Flodesk without an image

Log in to your Flodesk account and go to your Forms dashboard.

Click on create +New form and choose one of the inline form templates without an image: Ribbon banner I or Ribbon banner II.

Edit the form template as you need it:

  • update the copy,
  • change the fonts,
  • apply your brand colours,
  • write your own success message.

As for stacking, the form is responsive. This means that if you add it to your website to a wide container or section, it will display the form ‘ribbon style‘ (not stacked).

But if you add it to a narrow section that’s less than 768 pixels, it will stack the fields on top of each other. Like it would on mobile devices.

So once you finished customizing the form, all is left is grabbing those form embed codes and adding them to your web page to a narrow section.

And then your stacked form could look something like this. 👇🏻

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