How to turn your Flodesk emails on-brand like a pro

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When sending emails to your subscribers, you want your email to look fantastic and on-brand. Because when your emails look their best, your business looks its best too.

Flodesk makes it easy to create beautiful, on-brand emails to wow your subscribers off their feet.

Follow these simple steps to learn how to brand your emails effectively with colours, fonts, visuals, and more.

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Upload your logo

Before you even start working on your first email, upload your logo to your Flodesk account under Account settings > Branding.

This way, whenever and wherever you add a Logo block to your email template, it will automatically pull in your business logo. In Flodesk, you can only upload one logo file under the Branding section.

But I guess you may have an alternative logo or even a logo mark that you’d want to use on occasion to spice things up.

What can you do if you want to show a different version of your logo in some of your emails?
Just add an Image block to the email, and upload the secondary logo as an image. And delete the Logo block from that specific email.

Add your brand colours

Showing a consistent brand across your website, social media channels and emails can be achieved by strategically using your brand colours.

You can upload 5 unique brand colours to your Flodesk account under Account settings > Branding. These colours will be available in your colour palette. And you can access them while editing your emails and forms.

Pro tip if your colours are on the pastel-y side or are very soft and light.

The internet is full of tools to check whether the contrast ratio of your text is high enough. Take a look at this one called Colorable.

Simply input the hex code for your text and the hex code for your background, and – voila! If the contrast ratio is too low, it will tell you it’s failed.

And then don’t use them as your body copy text colour. The goal is that your subscribers can read your emails effortlessly and comfortably in their inboxes.

The easiest way to do this is to use black as the main body text colour. It’s the most contrasting colour on a white or light background.

You can use the rest of your brand colours as background highlights on larger headings, on buttons—or on your graphics and images.

Customize your Flodesk email with consistent fonts

Chances are that you picked a unique font for your website. And I get it if you wish to use the very same font in your emails. But it’s not always feasible due to technological limitations.

Your goal shouldn’t be to recreate your website as an email. But to create an on-brand experience that makes you unforgettable—in the inbox!

Believe me, no subscriber will click on the unsubscribe button just because you don’t use the exact same fonts in your email as on your website.

What to do if your brand font is not available in Flodesk?

In Flodesk, you have a limited set of web-safe fonts when you’re working with a Text block. That’s because not all fonts are available in your readers’ inbox anyway. And chances are if you choose a fancy font as your body copy text, they don’t have it, and your email won’t look at all as you intended it.

So instead, pick a font that suits your brand, and that’s available for copy text. And use it consistently in your emails.

If you want to add special fonts to your email to emphasize and highlight headings or use a call-out, consider adding a Layout block. It renders as an image, and therefore it can keep and display your script fonts, for example.

Personalize your email with on-brand images

If you want your emails to have a similar look and feel as your website, do that with similar images and graphics. Or with background colours.

You have various options, such as uploading photos and graphics from your computer and pulling in free images via Unsplash. Or you can even add GIFs to your email from Giphy.

You can use free tools like Canva to create scroll-stopping graphics for your newsletters.

One of my favourite stock photo membership sites is Pixistock. It has over 5000+ styled stock photos already—from diverse lifestyle photos to stylish desktops, tech mockups and flat lays. Also, the membership gives you access to 3000+ Premium Canva Templates, a 365+ Day, Social Media Content Calendar and much more. Take a look inside the Pixistock membership here.

Uniqueify your Flodesk email with your brand voice

And while all the above-listed elements are important, the number one thing that can make your emails unique is your own (brand) voice. Let your personality shine through!

To learn more about brand voice, why it matters and to see a few examples, check out the below resources:

7 Best Examples of Brand Voice & Tone—Ebaqdesign:

Brand voice: What it is & why it matters—Sprout Social:

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