33 opt-in freebie ideas to jumpstart your email list

Once you did your market research and understood your client’s pain points and what kind of problems they have. It’s time to work on your lead magnet strategy.

The best freebies are easy for your prospective subscriber to complete and implement. And that gives them an instant, quick win.

If you need help conducting your initial research, check this earlier post for ideas: How to find lead magnet ideas to grow your list?

When deciding on your freebie, always consider your own business and the products and services that you offer. Pick a freebie format that helps establish you as an expert in your field and fits into your overall marketing plan.

Today’s infographic lists 33 lead magnet ideas to explode your email list. Use it to pick up some new ideas for your next freebie.

Jumpstart your email list with these 33 opt-in freebie ideas

  1. PDF guide
  2. Mini eBook
  3. Worksheet
  4. Workbook
  5. Checklist
  6. Cheatsheet
  7. Quiz
  8. Challenge
  9. Workshop
  10. Password protected blog post
  11. Journaling prompts
  12. Printable templates
  13. Audio content
  14. Video tutorial
  15. Free training
  16. Free masterclass
  17. Free online course or email course
  18. Free consultation call
  19. Resource list
  20. Tool list
  21. In-depth case study
  22. Social media calendar
  23. Social media caption prompts
  24. Social media graphics
  25. Styled stock photo collection
  26. Phone or desktop wallpaper
  27. Freebie library access
  28. Product sample
  29. Sample chapter
  30. Discount coupon/Special offer
  31. Infographic
  32. Swipe files
  33. Trello board template

If you need assistance to help you brainstorm on the best lead magnet for your business and get started with email marketing for your business on Flodesk, send me a message and book a 30-minutes strategy session with me.

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