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I know how hard it is to set up your email marketing system when you’re relatively new to entrepreneurship.
Like many of my clients, you may feel stuck on what feels like a bunch of silly random tech questions.

  • Should you start with your forms first or your workflows?
  • Should you use an inline form or a popup?
  • Where do you add your lead magnet? 
  • How do you set up a tripwire?
  • Do you also need Flodesk Checkout? 

Imagine how much time and headache you can save by getting all your burning questions answered during a customized, live Flodesk training session.


Petra is an expert who is patient, thoughtful, helpful and prompt in her responses. 

I can go on, but she goes the extra mile to take screenshots and write you personal instructions on exactly how to do something if something is hard to grasp. 

She understands Flodesk so well that her guidance has been more helpful to me than searching for help on Youtube, blogs, and even the professional Flodesk email support. 

She is a Flodesk genius that never makes you feel inadequate or dumb, no matter the amount of questions you ask her, she truly delivers and knows what she’s doing.

– Amee


I couldn’t recommend Petra at Flodesk Maven highly enough! 

I wasn’t enjoying Mailchimp and wanted a more intuitive, beautiful platform to use for my email marketing. Flodesk ticked all the boxes, but I had no idea where to begin to move from one to the other. 

Petra couldn’t have been more supportive. Her briefing process is extremely thorough, her communication is amazing, her technical wizardry second to none, and she is beyond generous with her time, guidance and knowledge – she took all the stress out of a process I feared would be a complete headache. 

I now have my database fully transferred and organised, workflows set up, beautiful branded emails designed and ready to go, and, due to Petra’s excellent tutoring, I actually understand how to use it!

I’m so pleased I made the decision to move to Flodesk. If you are thinking of doing so, go for it! And make sure you use the fabulous Flodesk Maven to help you along the way.

– Julia, Wild Healing

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